Annual General Meeting

 President's Report

October 20, 2021



Thank you all, and in particular my fellow directors, for your work throughout the past year, your efforts in helping to keep this organization in the forefront of the Prince George Arts community, and for your participation in this Annual General Meeting. The Prince George Cantata Singers is built on the work and efforts of many volunteers who have contributed toward its success over the past 52 years, and although the Board has often reached out to the membership in terms of current paid up members, as a result of Covid-19, many of these volunteers have been left without a voice in the running of this organization. Therefore, solely  for the purpose of this AGM, the Board has agreed to expand the definition, and criteria, of "choir member", as follows:

"A voting member attending this meeting will be defined as any choir member who, at the time, was in good standing, and who has paid dues during either the 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021 or current choral season."

We hope this will increase the number of potential participants at the AGM, and provide a voice and representation to those choristers who have contributed to building this Society. As most of you are aware, the past year has been extremely chaotic in terms of choral planning, the result of continuing changes in Covid regulations. Our Music Director has prepared a season's program three times during the past six months, each of which as come to naught. The same may be said as to rental agreements with potential landlords, safety plans, etc.
Our low number of registered members has put a strain on our finances, and prevents us from gathering in such a manner as to present a balanced group of voices that would present a reliable choral production. Though the spirit and vitality of making music remains strong in many of us, and our abiity to act on it is dramatically curtailed, there remains a streak of optimism in our community despite the continuous variations of regulations pertaining to the era of dealing with Covid-19. As we are all aware, the rules keep changing, and hence the  Board has decided to suspend rehearsals until such time as the choir can commence rehearsals without the use of masks in a group large enough to form a reliable core of singers. With the changes coming from the Provincial Medical Health Officer presented last week, particularly as they pertain to Northern Health, it does not appear that we will be assembling any time soon.
However, our Music Director, Ariane Jarosch, has presented an option outside 'the box' which may involve a change in the season that might enable us to take advantage of the weather in beating the Covid plague. Please have a look at her report. Apart from enabling people to enjoy the benefits of choral singing, and the sense of accomplishment presented by a fine performance, one other aspect of our organization is to provide a means of building community through socialization. Whether it be through volunteering to drive people to Canada's recent federal election (Thank you! Evelyn), an outing in the park (Thank you! Joanne), or putting together our very enjoyable Music Bingo (Thank you! Joanne and committee members) we managed to maintain a sense of community, comaraderie and mutual support. Thank you to all who participated.
Many of our current slate of directors are reaching their final term according to our society's constitution and/or in accordance with their life's plan. We are in need of new directors for the following positions:
  • Vice President
  • Safety Committee Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Marketing Committee Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Production Committee Chairperson
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Committee Chairperson
  • Director at Large
  • Fund-Raising Commitee Chairperson
  • Website & PR Chairperson

Also, although I am quite willing to serve for another season, I would not be opposed to relinquishing the position of President in the event another person would like to take up the challenge.

In closing, thank you once again all my fellow Board members, those currently serving and those whose life plans evolved during their term on the Board. To those volunteers out there, members and non-members who have donated generously of their time, skills and resources to enable us to get through a very challenging season, YOU have brought us here! THANK YOU!

Respectfully yours,


Ronald Prochot,
Prince George Cantata Singers Society


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