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04/07/21 08:44:p.m.


ONE OF THE MANY perks I enjoy in belonging to an organization such as the Prince George Cantata Singers is the camaraderie offered by the group. We work together in the scope of completing certain objectives, generally resulting in the delivery of some form of performance. People, we may not normally associate with, come together to produce some pretty fantastic works, and it happens through the mutual support we provide to one another in achieving our objectives. One of the other perks of belonging is that we develop friendships, and friends help one another. We do it, on various planes, in the course of every performance.

With COVID upon us, our level of camaraderie has diminished. However our friendships (hopefully) have endured. In so doing there may be members among us who might need a helping hand, or a receptive ear, to share one's thoughts, concerns, trials and tribulations, or just to laugh and share a joke or two.

The social aspect of the Prince George Cantata Singers is an important role of our Society. Although we are not social workers, we are friends. As such, a group of choristers have bonded together to offer support to those who may need a friendly ear (phone call), or who may need an errand done.

If you would like to become part off this network, either as a recipient of such support, or as a volunteer offering to assist with providing this support, please contact Evelyn Lee, past president and long-time member, who has generously offered to lead the team implementing this role of the organization.  

Evelyn can also be reached by phone at 250-649-5421 

(Please note: there are no strings attached. As friends, we do what friends do for one another - that’s all there is to it.)

If you have other thoughts about expanding the social aspect of the society please share them with our Social Convenor, Joanne Shaw.  I'm sure she would be happy to present them to the Board. 

The Society’s Directors are here to serve you, our members, and the community of which we are a part. Please feel free to contact any one of us.

Respectfully yours,

Ronald (Ron) Prochot

(President, PG Cantata Singers)

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